St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir

Sing unto Jehovah,O ye righteous, for His praise is comely for the upright. Confess ye to Jehovah on the harp, sing unto Him with the psaltery, an instrument of ten strings. Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise; for the Word of Jehovah is right, and all His work is in the truth. (Ps. 33:1-4).

St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral’s choir known as St.Mary’s Cathedral Choir stands proudly as one of the most famous and oldest choirs in Bahrain and was officially started on September 2003.

The mission of St. Mary’s Cathedral choir is to glorify Jesus Christ by allowing Him to use the choir as a tool to lead the congregation in singing.

The choir is an ensemble of about 50 members above the age of 10, who represent a wide array of talents and disciplines. Each choir member is uniquely gifted by God to do the work of music ministry.

St. Mary’s choir is under the presidential of the Cathedral vicar Fr. Varghese Yohannanwho has always been the milestone for all its success because of his sincere support and guidance. Asst. vicar Fr. M B George is also serving as vice president.


Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average. This is well suited to Mr. Santhosh Thankachan who serves as the Choir Master.


The milestone

The year 2007 was a prominent milestone in the history of St.Mary’s Cathedral Choir. It was in 2007, that St.Mary’s Choir officially registered under the Malankara Orthodox Gayaga Sangam,Kottayam. This is the source of encouragement for the choir to do its best in the coming years with higher responsibilities and disciplines.

Events and participation’s

St. Mary’s Cathedral choir sings and participates in all the formal events of the Cathedral with utmost dedication. The choir ordinarily sings for the Friday Mass and also on other special services.

St. Mary’s Cathedral choir has been regularly singing for various KCEC programs since years and also for other invited programs.


Choir practices are conducted in the church premises every Monday (7.30pm 9.30pm).Special practices are conducted for remarkable events and programs.

Auditions are heard only once a year, usually at the beginning of the year in order to broaden the choir loft and also to allow new members to join the choir on a regular basis. The minimum age for participation in the choir is 10.

St.Mary’s choir has reached great heights over the years….

Committee 2015

Name Position
Fr.Varghese Yohannan President
Fr.M B George Vice-President
Mr.Anu T Koshy Secretary
Mrs.Reena Mathew Join-Secretary
Mr.Sinu Mathew Trustee
Mr.M E Varghese Comm.Member
Mrs.Susan Sabu Comm.Member
Ms.Soumya Comm.Member


Members List

1 Anu T. Koshy
2 Dipin Mathew
3 Jacob K. Johnson
4 Joel Jacob Mathew
5 Kevin Thomas Binu
6 Mathew Varghese(Jomon)
7 Mathew Varghese(Abey)
8 Pratheesh Joseph
9 Renji Mathew
10 Robby Punnen
11 Sam Joseph
12 Samji Mathew
13 Sinu Mathew
14 Steve Anil Mathew
15 M.E. Varghese
16 Akshara T. Kuruvila
17 Ancy Sam
18 Bindu Joy
19 Binita Mariam George
20 Carolyn Rachel Eapen
21 Elizabeth Zachariah
22 Feba Elizabeth
23 Jaya Reji
24 Jolly Susan Cherain
25 Krupa Elsa Mathew
26 Merlin V. Abraham
27 Neenu Rachal Philip
28 Nirmala Jacob
29 Noela Raichel Eapen
30 Princy Anu
31 Rachel Mathew
32 Reena T. Abraham
33 Rekha Siju
34 Roshni Roy
35 Sheela John
36 Shemily Abraham
37 Sherin Annie Mathews
38 Sheryl Rhea
39 Siji Koshy
40 Sneha Ann Mathews
41 Soumya Susan Mathews
42 Steffi Mathew
43 Susan Sabu
44 Susheela Mathew
45 Swetha A Renji

–> <!–

1 Abin Bose Mathew
2 Anu.T.Koshy
3 Binu Raj
4 Crony Thomas Mathew
5 Gheevarghese George
6 Gigin George Skariah
7 Jacob John
8 Jithin Mathew Monachan
9 Johnson Varghese
10 Ligin.P.Daniel
11 Mathew Varghese
12 Nithin Bose Mathew
13 Pradeesh Joseph
14 Renji Mathew
15 Sam Joseph
16 M.E.Varghese
17 Beaulah Reeba Eapen
18 Bindu Joy
19 Binita Mariam George
20 Carolyn Rachel Eapen
21 Dhanu Thomas
22 Jaya Reji
23 Jeny Mary Jacob
24 Jolly Susan Cherian
25 Jyotsana Mariam Jose
26 Krupa Elsa Mathew
27 Megha J. Benny
28 Mekha Mariyam Mathai
29 Nirmala Jacob
30 Nisha Babu George
31 Noela Rachel Eapen
32 Rachel Mathew
33 Reena.T.Abraham
34 Rithu Ann Rajan
35 Roshni Roy
36 Sandra Mariam Kurien
37 Sherin Annie Mathews
38 Sheryl Ann Sajan
39 Siji Koshy
40 Sneha Ann Mathews
41 Soumya Susan Mathews
42 Susan Sabu
43 Suseela Mathew


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