St. Marys Gavel club provides a forum for children in the age group 13-18 develop their  communication and leadership  skills. It is affiliated to Toastmasters International. The programme follow the educational materials provided by Toastmasters International.  In the meetings members give prepared speeches , extempore speeches, participate in discussions and debates. They learn meeting skills and interpersonal skills. By improving communication ability, children develop self confidence.

St Marys Gavel club established in 2010 meets fortnightly. Over the years hundreds of children of our church benefited from the programme. At present there are 40 members on the roll.

To see how the programme works guests are welcome to Gavel club meetings.
For more information Contact

Mr Biju Varghese  – Managing Committee Coordinator

Mr. V M Mathew  –  Mentor of St. Marys Gavel Club.

Rev.Fr. Sunil Kurian Baby

(Mob: 39445358)


Rev.Fr. Jacob Thomas

(Mob: 39584020)


 Gav. Preeth Thomas

Sergeant at Arms

Gav. Hannah Santhosh Mathew


Gav. Serah  Rebecca Thomas

V P Education

Gav. Jonah Varghese Biju

V P Membership 

Gav. Britto P Santhosh  

V P Public relations 

Gav. Gheevarghese  


Biju Varghese

MC Coordinator

V M Mathew