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If you have always assumed that “being a good person” or “not killing anybody” was the requirement of heaven that is not a correct assumption.

The bible says we have all sinned and that our sins separate us from a Holy and loving God. No human being can be good enough to qualify for Heaven. That is why Jesus came and allowed himself to be put to death on a cross and that is why he conquered death by his resurrection. The only way assured to eternal life is to depend completely on the Grace and Mercy of God, expressed through Jesus Christ. If you would like to be certain of your eternal destiny, and to begin a new relationship with God, we invite and encourage you to join St.Paul’s Suvisesha Sangham meetings.

We meet every Sunday at 7:45 pm in our church after evening prayer

We support Financially

1. St. George Balikagram, Pune
2. The Holy Trinity Centre For Disable Children
3. Mercy Home
4. Asha Bhavan
5. Mar Baselious Sneha Bhavan
And many others

Let us share the God-given gifts and talents for the good of others
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Bible Classes
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House Visits
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St Paul’s Suvisesha Sangam Executive Committee Members

Rev. Fr. Sunil Kurian Baby

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Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas


 Vice President

Mr. C.P. Varghese

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Mr. Anil Abraham

(Mob: 33242790)


Mr. Varghese Modyil



Mrs. Sobha Saji

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Join Secretary

Mr. A.P.Mathew

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Committee Member

 Mr. Varghese M. Chacko

(Mob: 39733857)

Committee Member

Mrs. Johncy Mathew

(Mob: 37369047)

Committee Member

Mr. Sunil John

Committee Member

 Mrs.Jaumy Sunil

Committee Member

 Mr. A .G.Johnson

Committee Member

Mr.Biju Joseph

Committee Member

Mr.Biju M Daniel

Committee Member

Mr. Saji Philip

Committee Member