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Hurry up! Were late! Youre too slow! How often do impatient words crop up in our speech, revealing our fast-paced life? If were not careful, we become people living in the fast lane, demanding quick arrivals and instant results. Stress experts call this hurry sickness.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations – St. Paul’s Suvisesha Sangham, Bahrain

Silver Jubilee Celebrations of St. Paul’s Suvisesha Sangham, of St. Marys Indian Orthodox Cathedral, Kingdom of Bahrain, was inaugurated by the Diocesan Metropolitan, H.G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, on 19th November 2010, after the Holy Qurbana.

Fr Jacob Koshy, Vicar & President, presided over the meeting in which
Mr John C, Cathedral Trusty,
Mr. P V Paul, St. Paul’s Vice President and
Mr. K E Varghese, St Paul’s Secretary, spoke on the occasion.

In order to commemorate Jubilee Celebrations, various special activities are being planned by the unit for the next one year.

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