H.H. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa visited our church .

His Highness Sh. Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa visited our church and vicarageand donated a good amount to the Vaidika Seminary Fund due to Achens close and pleasant relationship with the Shaikh.

H. E the Cyprus President Arch Bishop Macharios visited Bahrain and Vicar had a meeting with the Bishop and discussed about church matters.

Due to the divisionof outside Kerala Diocese, our parish came under the jurisdiction of Bombay Diocese.

Rev. Fr. M. E Easowtook charge of the parish vicar as per Kalpana from H. G Thomas Mar Makarios, Metropolitan of Bombay Diocese.

H.G Mathews Mar Coorilos Late Lamented Catholicose H. H. Moran MarBaselios Marthoma Mathews II),Metropolitan of Quilon Diocese visited our parish and celebrated Holy Qurbana and gave several devotional addresses.

Rt. Rev. M. M John Bishop of C.S.I Church visited our parish.

The parishs long cherished desire to start a Sunday School of our own materializedon 16th July. As per decision of the G.B arrangement for giving light refreshmentfor all Sunday school students were made.

H. E the Indian Ambassador Mr. David Christopher Manners and Mrs. Manners visited our parish in the presence of H. G Mathews Mar Coorilos.

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