Convention meetings were conducted by the leadership of Rev. Fr. M. V George, Vice Principal of the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam during achens visit to the parish for a week.


Church Building Committee

President – Rev. Fr .K. K. Punnose
Hon. Treasurer – Mr. T . E .Joseph
Hon. Secretary – Mr. N. M. Mathew
Hon. joint secretary – Mr. M . Alexander
Members : Rev. Dn. John Mathew,Mr. K.A. Joy,Mr. P .C. Koshy,Mr. V. J. Thomas,Mr. S.G. Daniel,Mr. A. Simon,Mr. J.C. Titus,Mr. C.M. Mathunny,Mr. K.K. George,Mr. P.C. Varghese,Mr. T.C. Chacko,Dr. (Miss)Sara Korah,Mrs. A. Mathew,Miss Mariamma Skaria,Miss Aleykutty Kurian,Miss M. Annamma,Miss M.T. Annamma,Miss P.T. Annamma,Mrs. Saramma George
Auditor : Mr. V.C. Babu

The foundation stone was laid on 19th September, 1968, by the vicar the Rev.Fr. K. K. Punnose in the presence of a large gathering, including the ministers and members of various churches andcongregations in Bahrain.

We are indebted to the Bahrain Petroleum Company for the very generous gift of a Bunk House. The support and encouragements in kind and material which we received from our friends and well wishers outside the Parish were of real significance.

We are thankful to one and all. We thank our Bahraini friends, whose manifold assistance andco-operation, we will always remember. The comments and appraisal helped us a lot. This venture embraces many a sphere of human involvement and interest. The contributions and donations from the members of the Parish were far beyond expectations. Yeoman service has been rendered by Mr. C. M. Mathunni all through the construction. True, there was strain, but the strain decreased as our knowledge of himincreased.

A piece of land 60 feet by 30 feet in Salmania which did not attract any or anybodys attention hasbecome a center for constantrelationship with God. Yes, miracles do happenin this day and age also. Every day our eyes and ears are assaulted with news, events, discoveries,achievements, breakthroughsand breakdowns- some significant, some trivial, but the St. Marys Syrian Orthodox Church Bahrain and the parsonagestand out from the rest. It is a source of inspiration to everyone connected with it. We are wonderfully surprised at what God has planned for us. There were problems, but He helped us to meet the inevitable problems creatively. At the start it was a small affair, but with God everything grows.

The Syrian Orthodox Church is indeed fortunate in being able to build abeautiful edifice for God in this far away place from home and so diverse in climate.

We are grateful to the munificence of His Highness the Ruler of Bahrain without whose generosity this proposition would not have become feasible. We pray for His Highnesss long life, happiness and prosperity.

We have had real assistance, encouragement and help from the various departmentsof Bahrain Government and Manama Municipality. We earnestly and sincerelythank all concerned. Mr. T.E. Josephs perseverance and friendly persuasiondid expedite matters.

Once the land was allotted there was the conviction animating the membersof the parish that the primordial mission of constructing the church building derived from God and its preponderance was a matter of right. The enthusiasm of the members of the parish was over-flowing with lofty certitude. There was a spirited guidanceof the Vicar The Rev. Fr. K. K. Punnose,a methodical craftsman who has been architect, mason, supervisor, and store keeper in the venture.

The dedication of the church was done by His Grace Thimotheos Metropolitanon the 13th and 14th February, 1969, assisted by the vicar of the Kuwait

Parish the Rev. Fr. A.V. Varughese. At the public meeting held on 13th February, 1969, we had privilege to welcome the distinguished and important personalities of Bahrain. With gratitude we remember the message from His Highness the Ruler read at the meeting by His Highnesss representative who was specially deputed for the purpose.

It is a thing of past now, but history has been created. We realize that we are children of the Heavenly Father. He owns all and we use the inheritance while owning nothing.

N. M. Mathew

Hon. Secretary


Feb. 1971.

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