Consecration of the church building conducted on 14th February by His Grace H.G. Thomas Mar Thimothios, Metropolitan of Malabar Diocese (Now His HolinessMoron Mar Thomas Mar Didymus I, Catholicose of the East). Thus St. Marys Syrian Orthodox Church became animportant land mark in the history of our parish and Bahrain.

Public meetingheld in connectionwith thededication of the church on 13th February attended by H.E The political agent, Ministers of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant churches in Bahrain and high governmentofficials asdistinguished guests. Messages received from H. H.the Patriarch of Antioch, H. H. the Catholicose, His Highness Sheikh Isa Bin Sulman Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain. His Highnesss message was a valuable record in the history of our church showing his tolerance and respect for other religious sections living in this country. This was the first church built for the Asians in any Arab state. Our church became an inspiration and model for other churches to be built in near by countries.

H.H. Shaikh Isa Bin Salman AL Khalifa with H.G. Thomas Mar Thimothios (H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Didymus I) & Mr. K.A. Joy

The Vicarage was completed on the first floor of church and was dedicated on the Palli perunnal day, the 4th of July in the presence of Rev. Dn. T. G Zachariah, the priest from Bahrain Marthoma and CSI parishes.

H.G. Thomas Mar Thimothios with Vicar Rev. Fr. K.K. Punnose, Dn. John Mathew, Rev. Fr. A.V. Varghese on dedication day of our Old Church

Additionally Holy Qurbana was celebrated on Sundays as well apart from the normal Friday schedule.

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