11) Interior design

As the consultancy work only covered the design of Church building, the executivecommittee entrusted the Interior design committee to prepare theproposal for the whole interior work of the Church builing.

The Interior design committeeexpanded by including Mr. M.T. Monachan & Mr.Paul Varghese as the joint conveners apart from conveners, Mr.A.O Johny & Mr.George T Iype.

Committee took the responsibility of design, tender & supervision of the whole interior work.

Artist Impression of Church Interior

Building Executive committee accepted the interior designcommittees proposal to execute the jobs through nominated sub-contractorsto reduce the total project cost and also recommended to ensure

quality brand fixtures for the building

It was also decided that the Church will procure items like passengerlift, air-conditioning units, sound system, granite and tiles, electrical light fittings, etc., directly.

The church has also awarded interior decoration works to M/s.Kontra and skylight dome & stained glassworks to National Stained Glass Company for having a superior quality work for the building.

Electrical sub-contracthad also been awarded to A-Grade Contractor Comsip Al AAli, as nominated by the Church.

The overall project cost has reached around BD 315,000.

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